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Command-Line Interface

The project provides a command-line facilities for remotely interacting with the topology subsystem.

The commands are available at run-time using the consolidated onos client hosted in the onos-cli repository, but their implementation is hosted and built here.

The documentation about building and deploying the consolidate onos client or its Docker container is available in the onos-cli GitHub repository.


> onos topo --help

Global Flags

Since the onos command is a client, it requires the address of the server as well as the paths to the key and the certificate to establish secure connection to the server.

These options are global to all commands and can be persisted to avoid having to specify them for each command. For example, you can set the default server address as follows:

> onos topo config set address onos-topo-server:5150

Subsequent usages of the onos command can then abstain from using the --address option to indicate the server address, resulting in easier usage.

Adding devices in bulk

The CLI command onos topo load yaml allows several devices to be loaded at once from a YAML file. e.g.

onos topo load yaml topo-load-example.yaml --attr createdby="bulk loader"

YAML files are expected to be in the format

  - id: "315010-0001420"
    displayname: "Tower-1 Cell-1"
    address: "ran-simulator:5152"
    type: "E2Node"
    version: "1.0.0"
      azimuth: 0
      arc: 120

Example Commands

Adding, Removing and Listing Devices

Until the full topology subsystem is available, there is a provisional administrative interface that allows devices to be added, removed and listed via gRPC. A command has been provided to allow manipulating the device inventory from the command line using this gRPC service.

To add a new device, specify the device information protobuf encoding as the value of the addDevice option. The id, address and version fields are required at the minimum. For example:

> onos topo add device device-4 --address localhost:10164 --version 1.0.0
Added device device-4

TODO: We will have to add type and role fields to the device.

In order to remove a device, specify its ID as follows:

> onos topo remove device device-2 
Removed device device-2

If you do not specify any options, the command will list all the devices currently in the inventory:

> onos topo get devices -v
ID               DISPLAYNAME           ADDRESS              VERSION   TYPE        STATE   USER           PASSWORD   ATTRIBUTES
localhost-3      Local device 1        localhost:10163      1.0.0     TestDevice                                    createdby: test
stratum-sim-1    Stratum simulator 1   localhost:50001      1.0.0     Stratum
localhost-1      Local 1               localhost:10161      1.0.0     TestDevice          devicesim      notused
localhost-2      Local 2               localhost:10162      1.0.0     TestDevice