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Command-Line Interface

The project provides a command-line facilities for remotely interacting with the topology subsystem.

The commands are available at run-time using the consolidated onos client hosted in the onos-cli repository.

The documentation about building and deploying the consolidated onos client or its Docker container is available in the onos-cli GitHub repository.


To see the detailed usage help for the onos topo ... family of commands, please see the CLI documentation


Here are some concrete examples of usage:

List all entities.

$ onos topo get entities
Entity ID   Kind ID   Labels   Aspects
14550002    e2cell    <None>   onos.topo.E2Cell,onos.topo.Location,onos.topo.Coverage
14550001    e2cell    <None>   onos.topo.Coverage,onos.topo.E2Cell,onos.topo.Location
5154        e2node    <None>   onos.topo.E2Node
1454c003    e2cell    <None>   onos.topo.Location,onos.topo.Coverage,onos.topo.E2Cell
14550003    e2cell    <None>   onos.topo.E2Cell,onos.topo.Location,onos.topo.Coverage
5153        e2node    <None>   onos.topo.E2Node
1454c001    e2cell    <None>   onos.topo.Location,onos.topo.Coverage,onos.topo.E2Cell
1454c002    e2cell    <None>   onos.topo.E2Cell,onos.topo.Location,onos.topo.Coverage

List all entities of e2node kind.

$ onos topo get entities --kind e2node
Entity ID   Kind ID   Labels   Aspects
5153        e2node    <None>   onos.topo.E2Node
5154        e2node    <None>   onos.topo.E2Node

List all e2cell entities related to the specified e2node via contains relation.

$ onos topo get entities --related-to 5153 --related-via contains
1454c003   e2cell   <None>   onos.topo.E2Cell
1454c002   e2cell   <None>   onos.topo.E2Cell
1454c001   e2cell   <None>   onos.topo.E2Cell

Show verbose information on entity 1454c001

$ onos topo get entity 1454c001 -v
1454c001   e2cell   <None>

Show all neighbors relations

$ onos topo get relations --kind neighbors
Relation ID         Kind ID     Source ID   Target ID   Labels   Aspects
1454c003-1454c002   neighbors   1454c003    1454c002    <None>   <None>
1454c001-1454c002   neighbors   1454c001    1454c002    <None>   <None>
1454c002-1454c003   neighbors   1454c002    1454c003    <None>   <None>
14550001-14550003   neighbors   14550001    14550003    <None>   <None>
14550002-14550001   neighbors   14550002    14550001    <None>   <None>
14550002-14550003   neighbors   14550002    14550003    <None>   <None>
1454c003-1454c001   neighbors   1454c003    1454c001    <None>   <None>
1454c001-1454c003   neighbors   1454c001    1454c003    <None>   <None>
1454c002-1454c001   neighbors   1454c002    1454c001    <None>   <None>
14550001-14550002   neighbors   14550001    14550002    <None>   <None>
14550003-14550002   neighbors   14550003    14550002    <None>   <None>
14550003-14550001   neighbors   14550003    14550001    <None>   <None>

Create a new entity with sparsely populated Configurable aspect

$ onos topo create entity "virtual" --aspect onos.topo.Configurable='{"type": "devicesim-1.0.x", "version": "1.0.0"}'