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onos-gui project

GUI for ONOS (µONOS Architecture).

onos-gui is the GUI application for all of the GUI functionality of µONOS.

It provides GUI interfaces for all of the core projects such as

The list of GUI views in the Navigation menu is dependent on the services running in Kubernetes.


If a service is stopped the option will disappear from the menu. If the current view's service is stopped, the Nav menu can be used to change to another view without refreshing.

Deploying and Running the GUI

onos-gui can only be run in a Kubernetes cluster.

Use the Helm Chart to load it.

Browser access

When deployed, the onos-gui is available to a browser by forwarding port 80 by running:

kubectl -n onos port-forward $(kubectl -n onos get pods -l type=gui -o name) 8182:80

See Helm Chart for other options.


See Architecture for an architectural description.