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Development Prerequisites

This document provides an overview of the tools and packages needed to work on and to build onos-config. Developers are expected to have these tools installed on the machine where the project is built.

Go Tools

Since the project is authored mainly in the Go programming language, the project requires Go tools in order to build and execute the code.

Go Linters

golangci-lint is required to validate that the Go source code complies with the established style guidelines. To install the tool, use this command:

curl -sfL | sh -s -- -b $(go env GOPATH)/bin latest

The directory ~/go/bin needs to be present in your $PATH environment variable for this to work after being installed


Docker is required to build the project Docker images and also to compile *.proto files into Go source files.

Local kubernetes environment

Some form of local kubernetes development environment is also needed. The core team uses Kind, but there are other options such as Minikube and MicroK8s.

Some docker containers may need access to privileged rights e.g. onos-config:debug, onos-topo:debug and opennetworking/mn-stratum and so may not be suited to Kubernetes environments that cannot grant these rights

Python 3

Python 3 needs to be installed to run the license checking tool in many on the Makefiles.

The version provided by your OS will usually be sufficient

Verify it is installed with

python3 --version


Some form of an integrated development environment is also recommended. The core team uses the GoLand IDE from JetBrains, but there are many other options. Microsoft's Visual Studio Code is one such option and is available as a free download.

Note that when using GoLand IDE you should enable integration with Go modules in Preferences -> Go -> Go Modules.


The project requires that all Go source files are properly annotated using the Apache 2.0 License. Since this requirement is enforced by the CI process, it is strongly recommended that developers setup their IDE to include the license text automatically.

GoLand IDE can be easily setup to do this and other IDEs will have a similar mechanism.