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Administrative Command-Line

The project provides a command-line facilities for remotely interacting with the administrative service of the onos-config server.

The commands are available at run-time using the consolidated onos client hosted in the onos-cli repository, but their implementation is hosted and built here.

The documentation about building and deploying the consolidated onos command-line client or its Docker container is available in the onos-cli GitHub repository.


> onos config --help
ONOS configuration subsystem commands

  onos config [command]

Available Commands:
  config      Manage the CLI configuration
  get         Get config resources
  log         logging api commands
  rollback    Rolls-back a transaction
  watch       Watch for updates to a config resource type

      --auth-header string       Auth header in the form 'Bearer <base64>'
      -h, --help                 help for config
      --no-tls                   if present, do not use TLS
      --service-address string   the gRPC endpoint (default "onos-config:5150")
      --tls-cert-path string     the path to the TLS certificate
      --tls-key-path string      the path to the TLS key

Use "onos config [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Global Flags

Since the onos command is a client, it requires the address of the server as well as the paths to the key and the certificate to establish secure connection to the server.

These options are global to all commands and can be persisted to avoid having to specify them for each command. For example, you can set the default server address as follows:

> onos config config set address onos-config-server:5150

Subsequent usages of the onos command can then abstain from using the --address option to indicate the server address, resulting in easier usage.

Example Commands

Listing of configuration model plugins

A configuration model plugin is a sidecar container that runs in the same pod as onos-config. Each plugin represents a complete set of YANG models supported by a particular device type. Each plugin has a name (sometimes referred to as type) and a version.

To see the list of currently loaded plugins use the command:

> onos config get plugins
ID                  STATUS    ENDPOINT          INFO.NAME     INFO.VERSION    ERROR
testdevice-2.0.0    Loaded    localhost:5154    testdevice    2.0.0
devicesim-1.0.0     Loaded    localhost:5152    devicesim     1.0.0
testdevice-1.0.0    Loaded    localhost:5153    testdevice    1.0.0

See more information on building and deploying configuration model plugins in config-models repository.

List configuration transactions

Configuration changes made through the onos-config gNMI interface are represented as transactions. To view the list of these transactions use the following command:

> onos config get transactions
ID                                           INDEX    STATUS.STATE    TRANSACTIONTYPE    CREATED                                  UPDATED                                  DELETED    USERNAME    TRANSACTIONSTRATEGY.ISOLATION    TRANSACTIONSTRATEGY.SYNCHRONICITY
uuid:1865ad96-6159-4050-b9cf-7d1f7ece54c4    1        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:18:21.8499168 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:18:22.0512956 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS
uuid:9acdbe9e-f8c3-4797-b77e-d4a324270564    2        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:19:07.1359094 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:19:07.4341523 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS
uuid:745d9944-49aa-441f-8394-ad2e4ad70543    3        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:19:37.6194301 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:20:16.6840849 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          ASYNCHRONOUS
uuid:e7df0125-3cca-4fab-a002-04ee3a67ef99    4        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:20:31.5019776 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:20:31.6836693 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS
uuid:63bcdfd8-b9bc-4cfa-a20d-93159cd384f5    5        APPLIED         Rollback           2022-02-23 17:20:31.7456597 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:20:31.9213865 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS
uuid:8edb7b9d-4571-4fac-9f4c-d876c0d4cafe    6        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:20:46.6952989 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:20:46.8966023 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS
uuid:734cfad1-9154-42c3-9e73-d6bec1101267    7        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:20:46.9112378 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:20:47.0962395 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS
uuid:095a064a-7f37-457a-933d-b991029127da    8        APPLIED         Change             2022-02-23 17:21:02.2661133 +0000 UTC    2022-02-23 17:21:02.4532263 +0000 UTC    <nil>                  DEFAULT                          SYNCHRONOUS

To continuously monitor the transaction events, you can use a similar command onos config watch transactions.

Rollback Network Change

To rollback the most recent transaction, and revert the configuration of all targets involved in that transaction to their prior state, use the rollback command and specify the Index of the most recent transaction.

> onos config rollback 8

Listing target configurations

To list the status of all configurable targets use the following command: ```onos config get configurations ID TARGETID STATUS.STATE INDEX square-stingray square-stingray SYNCHRONIZED 39 fond-bulldog fond-bulldog SYNCHRONIZED 47 reincarnated-target reincarnated-target SYNCHRONIZED 3 guiding-whale guiding-whale SYNCHRONIZED 0 expert-tortoise expert-tortoise SYNCHRONIZED 33 gentle-polliwog gentle-polliwog SYNCHRONIZED 44 new-bull new-bull SYNCHRONIZED 1

Similarly, to continuously monitor ongoing changes to configurations, you can use the `onos config watch configurations`.

To get details on the current configuration for a specific target, use:
```onos config get configuration square-stingray -v
ID                 TARGETID           STATUS.STATE    INDEX    VALUES
square-stingray    square-stingray    SYNCHRONIZED    39       map[/system/config/login-banner:path:"/system/config/login-banner" value:<bytes:"2" type:STRING >  /system/config/motd-banner:path:"/system/config/motd-banner" value:<bytes:"1" type:STRING > ]