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Issues and Pull Requests

The onos-config project uses GitHub Issues to track work items and bugs that were discovered. Instructions on this page show how to relate Issues to Pull Requests during the development workflow.


Issues are units of work to be done in the onos project and can represent new features to be developed or defects to be fixed.

Find an Issue

You can browse through the existing issues or you can search for a specific one.

Open an Issue

If you want to work on a new feature that is not yet tracked, please create a new issue to represent the work and assign it to an appropriate project, e.g. Core, Northbound.

Work on an Issue

After you found or created an issue to work on (e.g. for onos-config project), you should:

  • assign that issue to yourself
  • go to the projects
  • select the project you have assigned the issue to
  • drag and drop the issue to the In Progress column to let people know that you are working on it

Pull Requests

This section describes how to open a pull request and assign it to one of the several projects in onos-config.

Reference an Issue from Your Commit

If you have an issue identifying your work in onos-config issues, To automatically link your pull request an issue, before pushing a commit to your fork of onos-config please insert fixes #<issue-number> into the commit message.

The following is an example of a complete commit message:

Adding pull request workflow
Fixes #90

# Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
# with '#' will be ignored, and an empty message aborts the commit.
# Date:      Fri May 10 11:36:26 2019 +0200
# On branch pr-process
# Changes to be committed:
#       new file:   docs/
# Changes not staged for commit:
#       modified:   docs/

Open a Pull Request

When you open a pull request for myfeature you need to add the PR to a project (e.g. Northbound) through the github UI. Please also assign a reviewer out of the suggested ones. If none are suggested please pick one from the core team.

More information on opening pull requests can be found in the GitHub documentation.

Track a Pull Request

After your pull request is included into a onos-config project you can find it under the In Progress tab.
At this point in time the PR will go through a lifecycle:

  • Review from different people --> your PR will go into Review in progress state
  • if changes are requested you will have to go back and address them
  • when your PR is approved and Testing is passed it will go under Reviewer approved state
  • after the PR is in Reviewer approved it can be merged
  • when the PR is merged both the PR and the issue will move under Done state