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How does onos-docs work?

Multi-repo docs is a process that collects docs from multiple repos and publishes them on a single website. µONOS project uses the Multi-repo docs process to achieve following design goals:

  • Distributed docs and a centralized representation: Support Documentation as Code - store and version documentation alongside code, or in it's own version controlled repo for each subsystem. In addition, onos-docs repo stores common documents (e.g. developer guidelines) and website related files
  • Easy to maintain: Support adding new projects and their docs in the building and publishing process of onos docs with a minimum effort.
  • Versioning: Support versioning to build different version of docs based on different releases of ONOS subsystems.

ONOS Docs Manager Software

onos-docs project uses Mkdocs for building the docs website and Travis to publish it on web.
To automate the workflow and achieve the above design goals, a software is developed called onos-docs-manager that is written in Golang that automates the following functionalities:

  • Collect docs from multiple repos, organize them, and build the onos-docs website
  • Support versioning of multi-repo docs to build different version of docs based on different releases of ONOS subsystems.
  • Support dynamic navigation layout to change navigation layout automatically per version of docs

The onos-docs building and publishing process is illustrated as follows:


Note: onos-docs-manager uses some of the utility functions that are implemented part of structor project.

How to build and browse onos docs locally?

To build and browse onos docs locally, :

  1. First, clone onos-docs repo using git clone or follow dev_workflow to setup your workspace for onos-docs repo.
  2. To build and browse onos-docs locally run the following commands: bash $ cd onos-docs $ make docs-serve
  3. Finally, open your browser and enter the following address: to render onos docs website locally.

Note: To build onos docs without rendering the website locally, run the following command:

make docs

How does onos-docs-manager support versioning and dynamic navigation layout?

onos-docs-manager performs the following steps to build onos docs website related files for each version of onos docs:

  1. Read and parse the information about each version of docs from a config file.
  2. Clone repos and build website (under /site directory) for each version of docs based on the given config file and a specific navigation layout under navigation layouts directory

Adding to documentation

Documents from the individual repositories of the µONOS project (e.g. onos-config, onos-topo) should be maintained in those projects.

This documentation will be visible in GitHub for each of these projects individually and also collectively in through mkdocs with the onos-docs project at onos-docs.

Github and MkDocs (python based) each use their own renderer of Markdown to display the text in HTML.

Authors should ensure their Markdown should work in both situations.

Rules for GitHub markdown are at

Rules for MkDocs (Python) are at

The rules are mostly the same for both platforms, with the following caveats:

  • With the python interpreter there must be a new empty line before any ordered or unordered list