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Open Network Operating System (ONOS)

µONOS is a code-name for the next generation architecture of ONOS - an open-source SDN control and configuration platform. The µONOS architecture is:

  • Natively based on new generation of control and configuration interfaces and standards, e.g. P4/P4Runtime, gNMI/OpenConfig, gNOI
  • Provides basis for zero-touch operations support
  • Implemented in systems-level languages - primarily Go, some C/C++ as necessary
  • Modular and based on established and efficient polyglot interface mechanism - gRPC
  • Composed as a set of micro-services and deployable on cloud and data-center infrastructures - Kubernetes
  • Highly available, dynamically scalable and high performance in terms of throughput (control/config ops/sec) and latency for implementing control-loops
  • Available in ready-to-deploy form with a set of tools required for sustained operation, e.g. Docker images, Helm charts, monitoring and troubleshooting tools, etc.

µONOS is based on our 5+ years of experience building and deploying ONOS which has been a leader in the SDN control plane space when it comes to high availability, performance and scalability. The platform enables comprehensive set of network operations:

  • Configuration, monitoring and maintenance of network devices for zero touch operation
  • Configuration and programming of the forwarding plane structure (forwarding pipelines specified in P4)
  • Validation of network topology and of forwarding plane behaviour
  • Efficient collection of fine-grained network performance metrics (INT)

µONOS Deployment Architecture


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